TABOO BluePrint for Success

Helping You Identify & Attain Your Short Term Goals 

A free e-learning course that helps bridge the gap between our current selves and short-term goals for our lives. In addition to  goal-setting and attainment, TABOO focuses on empowering you to become comfortable with assertiveness to enable you to craft the happy, healthy, sustainable life of your dreams. 

WARRIOR Transformation Program

Become the Boss of You!

A seven week coaching program where you learn to identify your strengths, let go of your limiting beliefs, create your own success and focus on your future goals. 

$ The Reality Cheque

Helping You Create Financial Wellness 

A 21 Day financial coaching boot camp that explores your relationship with money, helps you create positive money practices and a plan to deliver your financial future. 


Work With Me 121

Programs Tailored For You

Work with Janice privately as you are guided through a personalised program that helps you create courage, confidence and success in all areas of your life. 

Speaker or Group Requests

Janice also accepts requests for customized workshops or retreats to be conducted for women in various stages of personal and professional development.

She is an experienced motivational speaker on women issues.  

T.A.B.O.O Meet Ups

Taking Action Building Opportunities Ourselves 

Join the conversation,  in a space where women can get  together to discuss "What Do I Really Want?" & "How am I going to get there?"

Hosted by Janice but agenda set by you as we share stories and experiences.