Practical solutions to your career challenges.

This Woman Can - The no bullsh*t guide for women who lead, is based on real life unspoken scenarios women face everyday as they scale the career ladder. Questions they want to ask but fear being judged. Answers they need to be a success. Within this book you'll discover practical strategies to develop self-belief in your capabilities to becoming a high performance leader both at work and in life. 

Janice Sutherland - Author of This Woman Can - The no bullsh*t guide for women who lead

This Woman Can - The no bullsh*t guide for women who lead

Answers to the questions you were too uncomfortable to ask?

Diversity in the C-suite is still a huge challenge, as women face unspoken obstacles in the workplace on a daily basis.

Barriers ranging from navigating the myth of work life balance, owning your career path, presenting to the board to the taboo subjects of being a female bread winner, having the confidence to say no, handling work place bullies and sexual harassment all play a part.

In This Woman Can - The no bullsh*t guide for women who lead, author Janice Sutherland approaches relatable scenarios that both aspiring and existing female leaders face with candor, honesty and simplicity.

Providing solutions for women to develop self-belief in their capabilities to becoming high performance leaders both at work and in their lives.

Utilizing her personal knowledge as one of the Caribbean’s first female CEOs and drawing on her experiences as an executive leadership coach, she provides practical answers without bullsh*t acronyms that women can utilize to get the job done. 

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Great read.... honest and relatable

 Bravo 👏🏾👏🏾 I totally enjoyed it. I felt like the first few chapters were directed to me personally 🙃Then I got further in the book where she talked about - handling the aggression of men (and women) in the board room and not taking things personal. I became more fixated from there onwards.
So many times I don’t open up because I think no one will understand or think that I am a whiner or a complainer. Your book help me realize that my struggles are not unique to me. (I am not as special as I thought I was 😂)
It has motivated me to restructure my approach in my quest of finding my purpose and re directing my career. I will definitely take the MBTI or strength finder test as she suggested. This will help determine my new direction. I can go on and on.

The point is I LOOOVE 💕 The book and I am grateful you shared these stories with us women. As you said we need to support each other.
The content is very clear and relatable which made it easy to read. I am definitely re - reading this book.
Thank you again !!!! And again!!!! 


An MBA in Leadership

 This Woman Can is akin to an MBA in leadership. The practical stories of real people plus the personal experience of the author makes for a n interesting and fun read. I literally could not put it down when I started reading. I finished it in one day which is not usually the case for me when I am reading a book. It is done in such a way that it can be read in one go or simply as a reference material when the need arises. I recommend it without reservations.  

Heneka Watkis-porter 

Fascinating Book written by an inspirational leader!

 This is for all women seeking to develop their entrepreneurial goals or careers. Janice Sutherland is a power house, corporate strategist and leader. My money was well spent! 

E. Philips

Definitely Inspiring

 This Woman Can from Janice Sutherland. She is definitely inspiring, and a go getter! 

Invites to action and results! Love it! 



Inspiring. Global. Amazing and a book I want to gift to all women thinking they can’t! 


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